Over the past six years, Plugin Center has spearheaded several projects to demonstrate how plugin vehicles can help the local community. The following are a selection of those projects.

Creating a Local Charging Station Network

The Plugin Center and Port of Chelan County are leading an effort to help local businesses reap the marketing, branding, and advertising benefits of the planned U.S. Route 2 electric vehicle highway over Stevens Pass. Many businesses have already committed to installing charging stations of their own, and local governments are lining up to ease the permitting, installation and deployment of the stations.

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PHEV Pilot Project—Electrify Transportation in Washington

The Port of Chelan County is coordinating the PluginCenter PHEV Pilot Project for Washington State. The Pilot Project features 14 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrids (conversions from conventional Priuses) owned by different fleets across Washington.

In 2007, a collaborative team worked to determine ways to electrify transportation in Washington. The Port of Chelan County was part of this team which created the “Electrify Transportation Briefing Book,” which summarizes many opportunities for electrifying transportation.

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Prius Plug-in Conversion

In September and October 2006, volunteers with the PluginCenter/Advanced Vehicle Innovations consortium and members of the Wenatchee Electric Vehicle Association converted the Port of Chelan County’s Toyota Prius into a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle.

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Plug-in Hybrid School Bus

Lake Chelan School District (LCSD) in North Central Washington is one of 19 districts in 11 states contracted to receive a hybrid (diesel and electric) school bus in 2007 from IC Corporation. The bus will be configured for plug-in hybrid electric technology; when not in electric mode it will run on low-sulfur diesel blended with biodiesel. The Port of Chelan County’s Advanced Vehicle Innovations (AVI) assisted the school district with this project.

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