An example of one of AeroVironment's DC Fast Charging stations along the world's first EV tourism corridor between Seattle and Wenatchee, Wash.

Grand Opening of World’s First EV Tourism Corridor

After years of pushing for it, Plug-In North Central Washington is thrilled to announce the grand opening of the world’s first dedicated electric vehicle tourism corridor between Seattle and Wenatchee, Washington. The three DC Fast Charging stations and accompanying Level 2 stations will allow drivers of appropriately equipped electric vehicles   Read more


Douglas County Makes Installing Electric Car Infrastructure Easy

When it comes to making charging infrastructure for electric vehicles easy to install, Douglas County is way ahead of the curve. While much of the nation struggles with how to change and update existing land use, zoning, permitting and other codes for the easy installation of the charging stations these   Read more

An all-electric Nissan LEAF charges up at the first charging stations to be installed over a mountain pass in the United States

Stevens Pass Opens First Electric Car Charging Stations on U.S. Route 2

As the initial piece of the puzzle in what will eventually be the nation’s first ‘EV-friendly’ scenic tourism corridor along U.S. Route 2 from Seattle to Wenatchee, Wash., the two electric car charging stations opened at Stevens Pass ski resort on June 2, 2011, are not only the first modern   Read more